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Would you like to get to know more about creative thinking using Brain Fuel? Then sign up for our webinar with an official Brain Fuel facilitator. Also, we'll try to answer all your questions related to brainstorming. We strive to host one webinar every month. Click the button to register!

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Watch more video's

Would you like to get to know more about Brain Fuel? You can also watch our instructional video's on Youtube. For example our tutorial videos on the warming-up and brainstorm methods.

Show to the left is our tutorial for the Association Chain method.

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Toolkit training

In this training, we have a watch-us-then-do-it-yourself approach. That way you start building what we call Brainstorm Stamina; practice is key to lower any inhibitions you might have to run a short brainstorm with team members and customers.

Skill levelBeginner / Intermediate
Duration4 hours

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