The Focus session: innovate like Google

Google has developed an approach in which you can reduce development time from 6 months to just one week. You end the week with tested solutions, ready to roll out within your organization. Is that fast or is that fast?

No worries, even though you’re fast as lightning, you will not lose any quality. In this 20 hour challenge spread over five days, your team will analyze the problem, brainstorm about it and build prototypes of solutions! We strengthen your team at the right moments by adding your customers, experts and decision makers to the Focus session.

Skill levelBeginner / Intermediate / Expert
Duration20 hours, spread over five days
Groupsize8 to 20 participants

Also, that is not all

In addition to solutions for your problem, the Focus session also generates an enormous amount of energy, knowledge, and network. Also, because you spend the 20 hours spread over five days, you do not burden your team too much so they can also spend enough time on their regular tasks!

  • Learn to analyze your challenge, to brainstorm better and how to prototype solutions
  • Speed up your development time considerably
  • Work together with customers and experts
  • Doubles as training for your team members

I want to innovate like Google